Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Les Bleus

My intention is to have ten Battalions of French to oppose my British. To date four are finished. These  four are made up of the Airfix Figures that were included in my Waterloo set. They range from good to bad to downright unusable. The good are the Guard figures, well sculpted, good moulding, a few strange poses and a dodgy Officer's sword. The bad are the French Infantry, poor sculpting but can be saved by some clever painting. The poses are fine. Unfortunately some of the figures are so badly moulded that their limbs are so thin they looked like me on a beach holiday. I had so few usable figures that I was forced to make up the numbers using a surplus of 'shoulder arms' figures from the French Artillery set. Having said that I'm not unhappy with the final result and nostalgia for the bow-legged hunchbacks that served in my childhood 'Boney' army goes a long way.
So the final line up will be seven line, one light and two Guard Battalions.
1st Corp, 2nd Division, commanded by General Donzelot
 13th Light Regiment

1st Corp, 3rd Division, commanded by General Marcognet
 45th Regiment of the Line

Imperial Guard Corp, 1st Division (Old Guard) commanded by General Friant
1st Grenadier á pied 
 1st Chasseurs á pied
The remainder of 1st Corp, 2nd and 3rd Divisions will me made up of the fantastic Italeri French Infantry.

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