Thursday, 30 June 2011

Hulk 28mm scale but 40mm high

Here is the big green guy (oh the irony). Standing a massive 40mm in height. I've added a pic of him next to Cap to get a bit of scale. This figure has been ongoing since the beginning and compared to the others uses a lot of GS.
The face was a real struggle, this is the 3rd version, has a bit of a simian look about it but I'm happy with the hair which used the same 'picking' technique as the torn trousers (that's pants to you colonials). Musculature is still off but improved over earlier attempts. Didn't have a base big enough so had to make one.
The thing that irks me most about this figure is that he appears to be off balance and leaning backwards.

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  1. Looking good. It must be quite rewarding seeing these figures coming to "life".