Thursday, 13 September 2012

A paper evolution

The paper battalions have now evolved into a more flexible version that uses smaller blocks that can represent companies, sections or half sections for a 1-1 representation of a battalion. I've had a lot of input from the folks at TMP click here to see the lengthy discussion. My thanks for all their great suggestions.
I have made some final revisions to the soldier illustrations to reflect the individual companies with some command elements, Fusiliers, Grenadiers and Voltigeurs.
 Individual blocks shown here, note labelling on the underside to show which company (they even have correctly coloured pom-poms if your printer is up to the task). Shown here is all six companies in line.
Column by division in close order and in square.
I took the time to print four, six company battalions. This meant I could also represent a battalion in 1-1,  every man represented (720 men).
 Shown here as a column by division at section intervals. Then a column by peleton in close order. Then the whole battalion in line, which I just managed to fit on my A1 map of Waterloo pm.
Finally the battalion in square. Unfortunately the flag is not in the correct position, I may make a final tweak to include a flag party.
Here is the latest A4 that reflects the latest changes, all six companies per A4, the flag and an optional command front for the company of your choice.
A final note, I've noticed that blogger optimises any images uploaded to this blog, the final version will be at a much better resolution.


  1. This is just outstanding! I have to admit I have been drooling over these since I first found them. I am an avid war-gamer and fancy myself something of an armchair general. To that end I think I need to grab a few friends, move my coffee table and turn my living room into a new Napoleonic battlefield. I wonder, have you come up with any kind of rule structure for these guys yet? Also, do any work on cannons? I read you blog and see why cavalry would be difficult outside of a big Wedge, Diamond, or a Line, especially so considering the flexibility you now have with the battalions. Cannon's could add a nice touch though.

    Also, I think you may really have something here and I very much like the style of it all. I tend to wonder what other kind of paper craft formations you could make. Different nations like the Prussians or Austrians, also different time periods ranging from medieval or roman. It could touch science fiction with Heinlein's starship troopers, powered armor cubes and big bug formations. Anyway you have certainly got my wheels spinning and given me a new print and play project.

  2. No Coalition troops or french cav ? But good !