Sunday, 8 February 2015

Look sir, droids!

I've been slowly getting back into the hobby after a long hiatus. I've had a change in employment that was a little unexpected but turned out well in the end. Now that things have settled down a bit, I am able to start dipping a proverbial toe into the waters once more.
For Christmas my family bought me a few of the Hasbro Star Wars Command toy packs which are 54mm Star Wars army-men in essence. Like most army-men type figures, the scale is a bit up and down but as you can see in the image below the are about right for 54mm.

Each pack has a theme and a selection of figures and vehicles, although the vehicles are of a different scale entirely.

Each pack also has some character figures, which are generally painted in a metallic finish, I managed to get an Imperial pack that has a particularly comedic 'jazz hands' Emperor.

Just like that!

The bulk of the pack is made up of soldiers or combatants that are aligned to the Rebellion, Empire and some neutrals such as the Tusken Raiders and Ewoks. Sculpting is of a good standard but there are are very minor casting detail differences from model to model, even of the same figure. They are cast in a 'soft plastic' similar in consistency to most 'army-men'. Not as firm as the new Airfix 54mm figures but not as soft as Reaper Bones figures.

The figures take paint as well as any other plastic figure I have ever painted, remember to give them a wash before painting etc. Here is the first test figure, a sandtrooper with suitably weathered armour. There is plenty of reference material available online, mostly from re-enactors and cosplay costuming tutorials.


  1. That painted model looks excellent! But I wonder how much effort it was to finish him to that standard?

    1. Hi Colgar, thanks for your kind comments. One figure this size is normally an evenings work, but I tend to work on more than one at a time.

  2. Great work! I had chance to buy some of these at Christmas from Tesco, who were selling them cut price; however, I passed on them. Drat!

    1. Mine were bought pre-Xmas at a discount. They're still a bargain at full price. I bought a pack for £9 which had 10 figs and 2 vehcles (including Boba Fett).