Friday, 29 April 2011

Then and now

I had this Airfix Waterloo Assault Set as a boy, it was one of my most prized possessions. The box art was fantastic. The set contained half a dozen sets of figures, farm building (La Haye Sainte) and a farm accessory set. Over a period of time I had to purchase an additional three sets of figures to complete the Waterloo range.
  1. British Infantry
  2. French Infantry
  3. British Artillery
  4. French Artillery
  5. British Hussar Cavalry
  6. French Curaisser Cavalry
  7. British Highland Infantry
  8. French Imperial Guard
  9. Prussian Infantry

 I had other WW2 Airfix assault sets (Pontoon Bridge and Coastal Defence) but this was my favourite by far.
Imagine my surprise then when Airfix re-released their Waterloo set in '09. This time all nine figure sets, the farm building, farm accessory set and a vacuum formed diorama base were included for the princely sum of £25.
Bought without even having to cajole the wife (OK I had to do a little begging). I was a happy chappy.
Then I actually looked closely at the quality of the moulding of these 70's figures and realised most of the sets were utter shite.
Still, it gave me the perfect excuse to embellish my Waterloo armies with some up to date Italeri product. More pictures of this project to follow.

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