Micro La Haye Sainte in paper

After spending a bit of time making my paper soldiers, I've decided to try making some buildings, micro sized but with sufficient image quality to be scaled up if required. The finished base size of this is 105x60mm approx.

The flat version of this is only made of 5 parts, I've glued the base to some thick card to prevent warping. This is not for the feint-hearted and is very fiddly to glue. I prototyped this at a much larger size, probably double the finished size. The main piece should reduce the amount of fiddly gluing.

The farm courtyard actually needs gluing to the unprinted reverse and positioned carefully so that the buildings fold inwards they will fall into place on that image. The internal side of the main farmhouse and the main gate are separate pieces, the gate needs to glue inside and outside the main wall covering the white parts of the main wall.
The finished model is shown here with some 6mm an 15mm metals to give an idea of scale. Finally, there is a 300dpi A4 version provided below for printing and making. I've positioned it carefully on the sheet so that it should print, centered on Letter sized paper without having to scale.

PDF download


  1. Good job on it, and I like how it fits right on to the map. That is something I have been messing with all year myself, with the maps right in some of the larger books for instance, or whatever else I get hold of. If that counts as 'micro' though then I must be deep in 'nano' territory the way I have been looking at these sort of things, that looks ginormous to my eyes, although I guess I've seen people do em bigger. What I especially like is that it is right on the scale you wanted.

  2. Stunning model. Bit small for me but I am really impressed with what you have done.

  3. Excellent stuff... I'm going to nick this for my 6mm Franco-Prussians!

  4. Very, very nice! I wonder if it could be reduced to 1/1200 for my Napoleonic Naval coast?

    1. You might need to reduce the size of your hands in order to make it. :)


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