Monday, 2 May 2011

10 British Battalions

Having decided on how I'm going to base the figures the first Regiment I decided on was the 44th East Essex. The reason being I am an Essex man, born and bred. I'm actually from South Essex, but we all know there was never any South Essex Regiment... right?
This eventually led to me deciding to paint Wellington's reserve, Picton's Division minus the Hanoverian element. The inclusion in the Airfix set of French Guard figures would eventually lead to me add the two Guard battalions of Maitland's 1st Brigade. Clearly the Airfix set didn't have enough figures or figures of the right type to complete this task. I also decided at this stage to replace the mini skirt wearing Airfix Highland Infantry for the superior Esci/Italeri product. I also added the Revell Rifles and the Italeri British Infantry 1815 which is a mix of Guard figures and Stovepipe Shako wearing figures of the North Gloucesters (perfect).

8th Brigade, commanded by Major General Kempt
1st Battalion,  28th North Gloucester Regiment (Italeri)
1st Battalion, 32nd Cornwall Regiment (Airfix)
1st Battalion, 79th Cameron Highland Regiment (Italeri)
1st Battalion, 95th Regiment 'The Rifles' (Revell)

9th Brigade, commanded by Major General Pack
3rd Battalion, 1st Foot The Royals Regiment (Airfix)
1st Battalion, 42nd Highland Regiment 'Black Watch' (Italeri)
2nd Battalion, 44th East Essex Regiment (Airfix)
 1st Battalion, 92nd Highland Regiment 'Gordons' (Italeri)

1st Brigade, commanded by Major General Maitland
 2nd Battalion, 1st Foot Guards (Italeri)
 3rd Battalion, 1st Foot Guards (Airfix & Italeri)


  1. Now that´s what I call a project!!! Some VERY nice painted figs mate. You´ve given those Airfix guys a new lease of life. :-D I look forward to your painting of the Airfix Scotts, the Italeri ones are really good.
    I´ve only just noticed you are following my blog.. I normally give anyone who joins a head up on the next post..but somehow you slipped past my Radar. Sorry, I´ll get that sorted tomorrow.
    PS...welcome to the world of Blogging :-D

  2. Absolutely great job, lovely poses and great painting.


  3. Thanks fellas, it's amazing how much extra inspiration you can get when you know someone is actually reading this blog stuff.

  4. I just found your blog through Paul's blog.

    Just wanted to let you know that those Napoleonic figures look superb.


  5. Wonderfull project, and something I dreamed of myself ;-)
    I'm a Nappie fan and I paint them also, but also lot of other periods (like I found some other things here on your blog ;-)).
    Also the name of your blog is very original, and it reminds me on the time I was young!

    Keep us informed about the progress of your project and good luck!