Tuesday, 3 May 2011

French Italeri Flags - a quick WIP

I was disappointed with the Airfix French as a whole. The Italeri French on the other hand are amazing. So much so that I'm actually quite glad the Airfix figures were so poor. I still had to do my normal flag conversion on the HQ. The Italeri figures provide an officer, drummer and Flag bearer x3 in every box. I just trimmed off the existing flag, made a hole in the base and glued a straightened paper clip into place using PVA glue. Two or three applications should do the trick.
 These are best 1/72 figures I've painted so far, although some of the Zvezda figures look like worthy purchases as well. I may post a more in depth WIP as I paint some of the remaining French.


  1. Ok, those look pretty fine to me. I am guessing you are a black undercoat and paint up from there guy, but I would be interested in knowing a bit more about your techniques, as these are all coming up really nicely.

    Also, did I see a mention to Hornchurch somewhere in this blog? I ask as I am in Billericay and am big on the 1/72 little guys, and we game in Harold Wood.

    Oh, on TMP my mutterings will be "marc the plastics fan" if you wonder what sort of sick fanboy types you are picking up these days :-)

  2. Marc,
    I am indeed a man of Essex. I do base coat everything in black as it hides a multitude of sins. I'm currently working on the Italeri French and taking some pics as I go. I'll post them in a day or so.

  3. Hi! nice work, do you use a special type of paint for the undercoat?