Wednesday, 25 April 2012

95th Rifles character figures, sculpted

In my post about my converted French Sapper I mentioned some original sculpts to be used as Sharp Practice 'Big Men'. They are four 95 Rifles characters, completely original and not based on any existing fictional Napoleonic riflemen.

Sgt. O'Keefe sporting an unusual naval 'volley gun' and his C.O. Major Vaughn

Rifleman Haggis (christian name unknown) who is a bit of a 'wastrel' and Dan Hangman, ex-poacher and the company crack-shot

These figures will accompany the four Perry rifleman I shall no doubt be painting soon and the Perry Peninsular British that will form my 'West Essex Regiment', another completely fictional creation of mine.

More pics.

What a vivid imagination I have?


  1. These are really cool. Very nice work.

  2. These are pretty cool for being completly from scratch, I really like the theme, and did a very similiar project myself.

    1. If you can, why not. I'm still learning to sculpt and I find any subject close to my heart makes the experience more enjoyable.

    2. these are how mine came out.

    3. I didn't realise 'Gunners' was your blog, I took a look at your figures before I started mine. In fact I've viewed you blog on many an occasion (normally at work on my lunch break). Small world. Nice figures.