Saturday, 7 April 2012

Modelling on a budget

As I get deeper into the gaming/modelling hobby, I find myself creating more pieces from scratch or converting existing models. The hard plastics used by a number of companies these days are well suited to conversion. It's easy to cut, and when glued with the correct glue stays together.

One of the most useful materials to the scratch builder or converter is plasticard. The kind made from the same type of plastic as the models themselves. I've stumbled across a free alternative, so I thought I would share.

My family consume a fair amount of ice-cream and the vac-formed tubs that they are sold in are a great free poly compatible substitute. The cheaper the ice-cream the thinner the material.

The white hull panels on this model are all made from vac-formed tubs, I'll never buy plasticard again, although I may buy slightly more expensive ice-cream if I need card slightly thicker.


  1. Cool tip. Geddit?

    Martin Stephenson

  2. Great idea, simple and effective. I'm nicking it :P

  3. Nice idea.

    Actually 'I'm feeling a little cool towards this tasty idea'

    Just joking - thanks for sharing.