Wednesday, 25 April 2012

40K Chaos conversion

A while back my son expressed an interest in Warhammer 40k and used some birthday and Xmas money to buy the Black Reach starter set and some extra bits and pieces, as I was keen to share the interest I forked out on a Tau starter army.
The interest didn't last for very long and he has decided to sell off his plastic figures. During the peak of his interest we found some poorly painted chaos plastics at a local 'Boot Sale' (flea market for all you non-UK fellas). I have since stripped the paint as best I could with Dettol and while I was converting the Sapper in the last post I have been converting a Chaos Marine in tandem.

A Chaos Lord, or Captain. A marine slightly better than the bulk of the remainder at any rate.

Most of the converting was achieved in plastic. This was an earlier plastic Chaos figure (it's a slightly lighter plastic than the more recent releases). The axe is a combination of unused Kroot weaponry the teeth around his loincloth were from an Ork Loota. The belt knife is Kroot. The hand holding the bolt pistol is from an Assault Marine holding a power sword. The spike on his back is a sprue and the helmet also from an Assault Marine and the top-knot is from an Ork head.
The rest was fashioned from Green Stuff to resemble stitched skin and if you look closely you can see a crude face on the back of the cape in the bottom left-hand corner, hinting at human skin.

I don't play 40k (I used to many moons ago) but I do like to model and paint their product if I can get hold of it at a reasonable price. I've been painting my sons Marines and Orks in order to sell them on Evilbay and hopefully make back some money on his behalf.

These are the results currently.
Black Reach Terminators

5 figure Imperial Guard set (that boy just wanted to collect them all)

Only a marine Tactical and Assault squad plus a Dreadnaught and a Predator Tank to go...

...and then all the Orks!

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