Tuesday, 11 September 2012

More paper army stuff

I've had a generous amount of feedback from the guys at TMP and using some of their suggestions I am making some new paper Napoleonics. I was interested to read that during the Napoleonic period wooden blocks with painted soldiers were used. The suggestion that arose a few times was to break the battalion into smaller blocks so that people can create the formations from a single set if company sized blocks.
I've done some initial reworking on the French and here is a quick preview.
 New group that includes command elements.
Another suggestion was to place the soldiers on a balck background to make the uniforms more visible, shown here on a command block. This has a 30mm frontage, 3 ranks that are 15mm deep.

Finally here is the 6 company French battalion to print, complete with 3 Fusilier, 1 Voltigeur, 1 Grenadier and 1 command company.
I've also made a start on illustrating some cavalry with everyone agrees will be a more difficult unit to pull off.

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