Thursday, 10 January 2013

Full Thrust - a new addiction

For Christmas Santa sent me some stuff to paint. Actually it was a present from the wife and kids and it came from Ground Zero Games. I'd downloaded the free rules (full and lite) some time ago and convinced the kids it would be fun to play.
I ordered the Fleet Intro Double and modular Space Station to use as an objective in defend/attack scenarios. I chose the FSE and NSL fleets based purely on their looks. Each Intro Fleet comprised of a Battlecruiser, Heavy Cruiser, 2 Light Cruisers, 2 Destroyers and 2 Frigates. I spent just enough money to be eligible for some free Xmas goodies and also received a freighter and an Escort Cruiser of each faction. A very generous bonus.
OK now some pics, I've managed to paint about half, starting with the smaller ships and the freighter.

The Freighter "Lola"

Frigates and Destroyers of the NSL - New Swabian League

Frigates and Destroyers of the NSL - New Swabian League

FSE and NSL Escort Cruisers

I've managed to play a couple of games with the boys already using the 'Lite' version of the rules and all enjoyed playing and the games took between 1-2 hours. After the first play through I fashioned some card play aids which helped during the second game. We played on the floor but I have plans to either buy or make a game board/mat at some point.

Course clock

Turning/fire arc tool

Damage markers

Destruction markers

The destruction markers serve no real purpose but we left them on the play board for one turn after a ship was destroyed as a reminder of the carnage. My kids happen to be the luckiest of dice rollers and we have a house rule that one failed dice throw, against me, can be re-rolled by them to give them a 'chance'. Consequently, I've lost in both games so far.


  1. Those are some great paint jobs, especially the corporate logos on the freighter!

    1. Hi DS thanks for commenting, I must admit I cheated and all the logos were printed on an inkjet, using a matt photopaper.

  2. This is great stuff keep up the good work, and your boys have a superb father with that "in-house' rule 8>) and thanks for the game aids.
    Cheers Jules

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  4. Nice work! Love the colour schemes.

  5. awesome painting, what kind of stuff you use for the named-stand?