Friday, 26 April 2013

Salute and some 6mm Sci-fi

Broke my Salute cherry this year. I went with my youngest son and a good time was had by all. Unfortunately, young boys lack the stamina to walk that big hall all day and his energy magically disappeared once all the cash was spent.
I saw some amazing stuff, I made a conscious decision not to take any photos (apart from one of my son and a Stormtrooper) as I wanted to concentrate on the shopping experience.
I've been itching to buy some 6mm stuff for a while and Salute was the perfect excuse.
My recent Starship gaming using GZG's Full Thrust rules and miniatures means I've been spending a fair bit of time drooling over Mr Tuffley's 6mm Dirtside and Future Wars range. So, after queuing for a ridiculous amount of time my first port of call was the GZG stand, after shaking Jon by the hand and saying hello, this is what I purchased.
Each pack cost £3, so £30 spent for two small starter armies so that son No.2 and I can have a battle. Both armies get infantry, APcs, tanks, walkers/mechs and some VTOL transport. The six legged Spider Mechs are actually GZGs 15mm Spider Drones but scale up nicely.
The only complaint I have is with both sets of VTOLs. The casts were a bit ropey and as the problems were duplicated on each copy each model I can only guess that the mold is nearing the end of it's useful life. Still, it gives me a good excuse to do a bit of Greenstuff converting.

I'm going to use a Green and Tan paint scheme for each army as an homage to the plastic army men battles I've had on the carpet in the past (Carpet General wasn't a name I just plucked from thin air you know).
So here are some test paints for what will eventually become 'The Magnolian Empire' (Tans) and 'The Malachite Confederacy' (Greens).
I also scored some 6mm buildings from the excellent Brigade Models who have an excellent 6mm range of its own which I shall be buying a few bits from in the near future (just don't tell SWMBO).
I'll post some pics of the finished armies and buildings and maybe an AAR as soon as I'm able.


  1. 6mm.
    Geoff, 6mm!
    Did you have your eyes replaced by bionics!
    I find I'm doing models larger and larger, 1/16 scale. These would just get stuck under my fingernails!
    All said, this is stunning work.

  2. can you tell me those tan tank/apcs that you got 4 of..what are their names?

    1. Sorry bought at show and the GZG site is terrible for having no pictures, so I can't help I'm afraid.

  3. In this day and age there is no reason for retailers not to have pics of there wares on their site.