Thursday, 5 September 2013

40k Bits and pieces

Painted and sold a few of my son's abandoned 40k armies, including the Chaos Lord conversion I did a while back. There was also a single Chaos Warbike and some Chaos Marines rescued from a boot sale (flea market). These were plastic and a mixture of different generations. I painted them in a generic red paint scheme so they were more saleable.

 There was also a lot of unpainted Orks which I put on sale 'as is'. The few that I painted are shown below.


  1. Ah, I guess that I'm just an amateur: I can't bear to part with models that I've painted to anything near that standard!

    1. Thanks, I'm just trying to recoup some of my losses. Don't worry the proceeds all went towards a good cause (my new 6mm obsession).