Sunday, 28 April 2013

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I'm fortunate to have a son who seems to have caught the gaming bug. I actually have another teenage son but it's getting increasingly difficult to get him to join in with any games we play. Not cool to be playing with toy soldiers with your Dad at that age I guess. The son that likes to game also shares some of my creative traits, this may have something to do with it. He accompanied me to Salute this year and we both enjoyed it. He had a bit of pocket money to spend and snagged himself a few goodies. Our newest shared gaming passion currently is the Pathfinder Fantasy RPG from Paizo. We bought the Beginner Box Set and the Core rule book recently and have been having a fun time in the realm of Golarion. Salute was the ideal opportunity to pick up some fantasy miniatures.

My sons current Pathfinder character is a Dwarf Barbarian, so he picked up a mini from Hasslefree, a Troll Slayer. He asked me to paint it for him so I obliged.

He also picked up a large mini from Otherworld, an Ogre Chieftain. This one he is currently painting himself.

He's taking his time on this one (which is a good thing) but it looks promising so far.

Finally I picked up one of Reapers Pathfinder Iconic range, Kyra the Cleric from the Leisure Games stand at Salute. I'm in the process of painting this currently.

I'm also using one of the two free Salute 'Jason' minis as a Pathfinder character as I've done a bit of converting work on him.

My son also spent some of his pocket money on Zombies!!! 2 Zombie Corps(e)

We've had the main set for a while so he snapped this up from Leisure Games at Salute.

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