Thursday, 28 April 2011

The full extent of the obsession... nearly?!

OK, so technically this isn't the full extent of the obsession collection. This is just the bulk of the collection, due mainly to the fact that these figures are the largest in scale (1/32). I probably have a similar number of figures in the smaller scale (1/72), they would just take up less room on the table.
I also didn't have room to show the the ones I've already painted...
and the soldiers I've bought or given to my son...
and the soldiers in 1/48 scale...
and the scale vehicles...
and the figures that I have painted, got bored with and then sold on ebay to finance the buying of yet more unpainted figures.

Oh dear!
Do I plan to paint all of these?

I also plan to live until I'm about 150 years old. I keep telling myself that when I become too old to play video games online and I'm retired from work I'll have a window of opportunity to paint the entire collection.

The collection at all scales falls predominantly into two periods (although not exclusively). The Napoleonic Wars and World War 2. The truth is I really don't have the money or space to diversify into other periods. At least until the kids have grown up and moved out anyway. My TV/Film viewing habits also fall into these periods as two of my favourite films are Saving Private Ryan and Waterloo. My two most favourite TV programs are Sharpe and Band of Brothers.

If I had the time and money my next period of choice would probably me the Medieval/Hundred Years War. My son has a nice collection of knights in this scale, a couple of which I have painted for me him.

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