Marine Captain conversion

My merry band of Corvus marines are going to need a commanding officer. Captains are popular, the ranks in the Space Marines seem to skip from Captain to Masters with no other ranks in-between.

This captain will be assembled from the following parts:

The head used is from the Victrix 1807-1812 French Infantry set.

The bandy RTB01 legs need cutting and pinning to allow the figure to stand up straight.

The right shoulder is a rogue trader power fist with a recent assault squad arm and force axe.

The left arm is a cut and re-positioned original with a helmet held in hand. These helmets seem to get lost in combat with astonishing regularity.

At this stage I'm just using pins (made from paper clips) and poly glue to hold it all in place so I add the beginnings of a cape on the back to brace his wobbly legs.

He will eventually have a heavy cape, tabard and some sculpted iconography and articifer armour details.


  1. Looks great so far! I like how you have him holding his helmet. Would have been "fun" getting his arm into that position :p

    So, with regards to the gaps, your usual step is to fill it with GS & sculpt it to look like convoluted tubing yeah? Just curious, as I know it's a real pain to try and get the limbs to line up properly. Still turns out ok in the end anyway doesn't it? You can't really notice it can you.

    I think I'll dig out my old box of placky marines now :)


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