Thursday, 28 April 2011

Ressurecting the hobby

My figure painting during my 20's was patchy to say the least. Limited mainly to painting figures in board games and some continued interest in Games Workshop products. I invested in some GW paint during my early 20's and this was to see me through this period. The paints either ran out or dried up during this period until I was back to that limited palette and one or two brushes.
The inspiration to rekindle my interest in my chosen hobby came about when the family decided to buy a copy of my wife's favourite board game Cluedo. I was surprised to see that the coloured pawns of days past had been replaced by hard plastic figures.

"I'll paint those for you, my dear" I says to the old ball and chain (hopefully she won't read this). I searched through the few cardboard boxes that contained the remnants of my pre-marital existence and found what remained of my paints and set about painting the six figures for my beautiful soul mate and muse (she may read this so I'll be nothing but complimentary from now on).
These are all that remain from that period of limited painting activity, but after these were painted I purchased the green and black toolbox that was to become my paint box bought some 1/72 plastic figures, some additional paint and a hobby was reborn.


  1. Cool, I'm thinking about doing the same thing. I bought a secondhand Cluedo game last week, which also had actual miniatures. (European version, so they look differently). You're the only one I found while googling painted Cluedo miniatures :D

  2. I did this in my wife's copy - My Miss Scarlet is far more scarlet, but none as well painted as yours!