Sunday, 19 June 2011

28mm Marvels

I've chosen to sculpt some 28mm superheros next. Marvel universe, Hulk, Captain America, Ironman and a trio of Hydra agents. I've skipped the armature stage as I have nothing new to offer.
 Hulk, Captain America and Ironman. My sculpts will be based on older designs for these characters, 80's ish (my teens).
Hydra agents, with assault rifle, shoulder mounted heavy weapon and pistols respectively.

After making the armature I generally do rough feet to anchor the figure to the cork followed by pelvis and shoulders to strengthen the pose. The Hulk and Cap figures have the left over GS added. This was the end of the first application and I let the GS cure.

The Hulk is the most challenging as the amount of GS required makes it feel like a figure of a larger scale. I've found myself having to add small amounts at a time.
 Cap gets his underwear on the outside of his tights (as it should be) and boots. I seem to be more comfortable working from the feet up, is this the best way to work? Only time will tell.
At this point I have also crafted a shield by flattening a blob of GS over the top of a pot of Citadel colour.

Ironman from the waist down. The stripes on his boots etc were a real struggle, I think I used the wrong tool in haste.

Finally the three Hydra agents, an exercise in creating a uniform look, in the most literal sense.

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  1. I am also planning to do a superhero sculpt but in bigger scale, I was wondering if you could do different, more action based pose. There is a great resource on which could help you with musculature an posing.