Saturday, 7 April 2012

The fleet of the Bitbox Alliance

I've reading through the many pages on TMP of late and I've strayed into a few that I wouldn't normally consider 'my bag'. Specifically the Spaceship forum. Lots of cool pics of miniature spaceships. Eventually landed at Star Ranger where they review rules and chat generally about spaceship gaming. I downloaded the free Full Thrust rules and started to have a good read.
Now, despite the fact I have a number of unfinished projects on the go (haven't we all) I decided that spaceship games might be my bag after all. The rules provide some paper minis to have a quick game with. Not good enough, must have some minis, NOW! I've already exceeded my gaming budget of late with some Perry plastics and a copy of Sharp Practice so I needed an alternative source. Time to raid the bit box, we all have one, admit it. Mine is full of parts from 40k figures a few old Airfix kit parts and various other bits and pieces.
So I am proud to present my fleet of the Bitbox Alliance.

I've been aching to use all those bits for while now, the main hull shape are some old Airfix plane drop tanks and the rest is mainly 40k weapons.





I'll get these painted up soon and post more pics.


  1. Nice job! Are you going to paint them, or leave them how they are right now?

  2. The ships really look great. I like the fact that I can recognize all the GW bits, and how well they work on models that size. And the colour scheme resulting from you choice of bits looks rather stylish ;-).
    Have fun blasting enemy fleets into smithereens! :-)

    1. I think I may paint them in a similar fashion to the coloured plastic, good call!

  3. I am inspired, have done this with some of the older bits many years before 2 bolters glued together etc got a few smaller ships made up. but this is really good could you do a blow by blow on how its done..?
    I also like your Napoleonic men and would like to make them in wood in a larger "toy" size sometime soon.