Beaky Marines update

I've got a few of the Rogue Trader marines finished now. In addition I kept some WIP shots of one of them.

Glueing and pinning stage.
After filling and finishing with Green Stuff a Grey undercoat is applied followed by Bestial Brown and Black (for any metals).

A beige is applied to the armour leaving gaps brown. The coating is intentionally patchy, this is just a base to improve the look of the yellow in the next stage. 

Sun Yellow is applied over the beige.

I use three different washes at this stage (Nuln, Agrax andBaal Red) before chipping the armour with the tip of a fine brush in black and white/yellow before finally painting any icons or markings.

The rest of the finished pics follow.


  1. Man, your really getting me all enthused to make a few more of these guys!

    Thanks for the painting tutorial with pics too. Even if it wasn't for me specifically, it's still much appreciated :)

    If your interested to see how mine turned out, here's the link to my blog post;

    Cheers :)

  2. Really, really sharp work. Nicely done.

  3. Thanks guys these old marines certainly have a lot of character.


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