Kings of War project, first Terrain piece

I feel at this point that I do not have enough unfinished projects so I've started yet another.

I've never played WHB or owned an army, but I had always planned to dip the proverbial toe at some point. Now that it has been replaced by Age of Sigmar (which I have no experience of either) I have decided to spend a bit of money with Mantic and Kings of War instead.
I managed to procure a Mhorgoth Rising starter set before they went OOP and I also picked up a 2nd Edition rulebook from Twisted Pinnacle.
Before I've even finished glueing and started painting I decided to start work on some terrain peices, this is the beginning of the first.

Constructed entirely from recycled mounting board, cereal packets and coffee stirrers.


  1. Very impressive modeling skills there. I can't wait to see it painted.

  2. "Constructed entirely from recycled mounting board, cereal packets and coffee stirrers." Just the way I like to roll too!

    Kitbashing, making something cool from otherwise useless household detritus is a really enjoyable part of this hobby for me....looks like it is for you too!

    Consider yourself "followed", not stalked! Just followed :)

    1. Thanks One, I spotted your Dreadnoughts on LAF the other day and now I've seen them on your blog. Very nice indeed!

  3. That's a pretty cool build, you gotta love scratch building!


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