Rogue Trader band wagon...

...I have jumped on it!

Special credit for identifying the head used on this conversion.

I have seen many, many forum posts by people who are collecting and re-painting Rogue Trader era figures. I can resist no longer.
I sourced some plastic 'beaky' marines on eBay. These weren't mint on the spruce, they were badly painted, badly glued and required considerable effort to clean up with some dettol and a sharp knife. As I was planning to convert them anyway this wasn't an issue and more importantly they were cheap.
I'd always been a fan of the Corvus marines but thought that the plastic kit marines were limited in the poses available and tended to look a little hunched over and ape-like.

There is also a metal librarian that I've had in my bit box for a while.

I'm painting them as Imperial Fists and should have between 15-20 marines once they've all been cleaned and converted.


  1. You really did a great job converting these guys up. I especially like the weathering you've achieved on them too! Any tips or tricks on how to get that look?

    I've done a bit of repositioning some of those old RBT01 Space Marines too. Their a bit of a bastard to get them to "play the game" aren't they? Still, they look good in the end :)


    1. Hi thanks for stopping by. Weathering is a mixture of washes and the original yellow coverage is intentionally patchy. Last stage is the 'chipping' which is just random black dots and line underscored with a white/yellow highlight. The legs on these early marines were awful, lots of cutting, pinning and green stuff.

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