Sunday, 3 May 2015

Chewie's ongoing conversion

Just a quick update, I've given the Chewbacca figure some more attention after a drastic 'knife job'.

Stage 1

Stage 2

Still not completely finished but I'm in two minds about whether the top half requires any Green Stuff.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Is this the Droid?

Some finished pieces, 3 Sandtroopers and an R2 unit, including my conversion who is a Jedi killer, veteran of the Jedi Temple Massacre.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Scratch built Viking Longship

I don't often get requests but my youngest son saw me working on some card Sail ships and asked me if I could make him a Viking Longship.
Here is the result, it took me about 3-4 hours and I used the same techniques as I've used to make the card War Artisan kits. The scale is unknown but the base is about 115mm long.

After I finished, I realised I had completely forgot the rudder but my son wasn't bothered. The sail was a downloaded file to which I added a Thor motif. The rest is painted card, a nylon coated jewellery wire and some coffee stirrers for masts.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Let the Wookie win!

Some more Star Wars goodness, I've started converting one of the Sandtroopers, a bit of simple Green Stuff work. A cape (possibly Jedi), a fur pelt (possibly Wookie). I'm imagining this Sandtrooper is a grizzled veteran of the 501st who kept the cape as a trophy after the battle of the Jedi Temple in ROTS, I may even give his armour some blue highlights to hint at this.

As the Green Stuff for the cape was so thin, it needed to be built up in sections.

A Grey undercoat always shows off the sculpted areas nicely

Still a work in progress.

I've also finished painting one of my favourite characters,R2D2. Dirty and a bit worse for wear, this is definitely Tatooine Artoo.

Finally I was a bit concerned that my Wookie was a bit on the small side.

Drastic action was required.

A bit of pinning and glueing and he's looking a bit more like Chewbacca, I'll fill in the gaps and maybe even give him a makeover.

Finally he's towering over Han and the others as he should.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Look sir, droids!

I've been slowly getting back into the hobby after a long hiatus. I've had a change in employment that was a little unexpected but turned out well in the end. Now that things have settled down a bit, I am able to start dipping a proverbial toe into the waters once more.
For Christmas my family bought me a few of the Hasbro Star Wars Command toy packs which are 54mm Star Wars army-men in essence. Like most army-men type figures, the scale is a bit up and down but as you can see in the image below the are about right for 54mm.

Each pack has a theme and a selection of figures and vehicles, although the vehicles are of a different scale entirely.

Each pack also has some character figures, which are generally painted in a metallic finish, I managed to get an Imperial pack that has a particularly comedic 'jazz hands' Emperor.

Just like that!

The bulk of the pack is made up of soldiers or combatants that are aligned to the Rebellion, Empire and some neutrals such as the Tusken Raiders and Ewoks. Sculpting is of a good standard but there are are very minor casting detail differences from model to model, even of the same figure. They are cast in a 'soft plastic' similar in consistency to most 'army-men'. Not as firm as the new Airfix 54mm figures but not as soft as Reaper Bones figures.

The figures take paint as well as any other plastic figure I have ever painted, remember to give them a wash before painting etc. Here is the first test figure, a sandtrooper with suitably weathered armour. There is plenty of reference material available online, mostly from re-enactors and cosplay costuming tutorials.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

War Artisan's Paper ships

I'm no stranger to making stuff out of paper (I do it for a living actually). Generally if I'm doing wargame stuff with paper, it's something I've designed myself. However, I've seen War Artisan's paper ships pop up on TMP a few times, I even downloaded the free 1/900 64 gun ship from his site a while ago but have never got around to making it up.

Untill now...
These kits are small but fairly simple in design (proving the maxim that the best ideas are often the simplest). I toyed with the idea of having a crack at a version of my own but after making up the free kit I have decided that it's unnecessary as these kits are superb.
I've added some paint and washes over the original card illustrations.
 I've followed the instructions as closely as possible, the only major deviation is the used of trimmed toothpicks for all the masts and recycled paperclips for the yards etc. I'm also using a nylon coated stainless steel jewellery wire for the rigging.
My bases use crumpled copy paper, glued with PVA to a card base to give a subtle 3D wave effect after painting.
The good news is that once I'm finished making these French and Spanish hull versions I will be paying for the 90 and 74 gun versions.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

40k Bits and pieces

Painted and sold a few of my son's abandoned 40k armies, including the Chaos Lord conversion I did a while back. There was also a single Chaos Warbike and some Chaos Marines rescued from a boot sale (flea market). These were plastic and a mixture of different generations. I painted them in a generic red paint scheme so they were more saleable.

 There was also a lot of unpainted Orks which I put on sale 'as is'. The few that I painted are shown below.