Monday, 23 November 2015

Marine Captain conversion

My merry band of Corvus marines are going to need a commanding officer. Captains are popular, the ranks in the Space Marines seem to skip from Captain to Masters with no other ranks in-between.

This captain will be assembled from the following parts:

The head used is from the Victrix 1807-1812 French Infantry set.

The bandy RTB01 legs need cutting and pinning to allow the figure to stand up straight.

The right shoulder is a rogue trader power fist with a recent assault squad arm and force axe.

The left arm is a cut and re-positioned original with a helmet held in hand. These helmets seem to get lost in combat with astonishing regularity.

At this stage I'm just using pins (made from paper clips) and poly glue to hold it all in place so I add the beginnings of a cape on the back to brace his wobbly legs.

He will eventually have a heavy cape, tabard and some sculpted iconography and articifer armour details.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Kings of War project, first Terrain piece

I feel at this point that I do not have enough unfinished projects so I've started yet another.

I've never played WHB or owned an army, but I had always planned to dip the proverbial toe at some point. Now that it has been replaced by Age of Sigmar (which I have no experience of either) I have decided to spend a bit of money with Mantic and Kings of War instead.
I managed to procure a Mhorgoth Rising starter set before they went OOP and I also picked up a 2nd Edition rulebook from Twisted Pinnacle.
Before I've even finished glueing and started painting I decided to start work on some terrain peices, this is the beginning of the first.

Constructed entirely from recycled mounting board, cereal packets and coffee stirrers.

Beaky Marines update

I've got a few of the Rogue Trader marines finished now. In addition I kept some WIP shots of one of them.

Glueing and pinning stage.
After filling and finishing with Green Stuff a Grey undercoat is applied followed by Bestial Brown and Black (for any metals).

A beige is applied to the armour leaving gaps brown. The coating is intentionally patchy, this is just a base to improve the look of the yellow in the next stage. 

Sun Yellow is applied over the beige.

I use three different washes at this stage (Nuln, Agrax andBaal Red) before chipping the armour with the tip of a fine brush in black and white/yellow before finally painting any icons or markings.

The rest of the finished pics follow.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Pathfinder Dragon

The Pathfinder rule book is illustrated with an impressive red dragon. This is the largest miniature I've painted in a while.

The figure was originally released in metal by Reaper Miniatures. This is the plastic 'bones' version.

I've added a larger base but the paint job is as close to the dragon on the cover as I can manage.

Some close-ups of detail.

Rogue Trader band wagon...

...I have jumped on it!

Special credit for identifying the head used on this conversion.

I have seen many, many forum posts by people who are collecting and re-painting Rogue Trader era figures. I can resist no longer.
I sourced some plastic 'beaky' marines on eBay. These weren't mint on the spruce, they were badly painted, badly glued and required considerable effort to clean up with some dettol and a sharp knife. As I was planning to convert them anyway this wasn't an issue and more importantly they were cheap.
I'd always been a fan of the Corvus marines but thought that the plastic kit marines were limited in the poses available and tended to look a little hunched over and ape-like.

There is also a metal librarian that I've had in my bit box for a while.

I'm painting them as Imperial Fists and should have between 15-20 marines once they've all been cleaned and converted.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Chewie's ongoing conversion

Just a quick update, I've given the Chewbacca figure some more attention after a drastic 'knife job'.

Stage 1

Stage 2

Still not completely finished but I'm in two minds about whether the top half requires any Green Stuff.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Is this the Droid?

Some finished pieces, 3 Sandtroopers and an R2 unit, including my conversion who is a Jedi killer, veteran of the Jedi Temple Massacre.